CCD University is a FREE education and learning environment created to level up employee’s knowledge and to prepare them for their personal and professional growth.

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CCD University is an INTERNAL ACADEMIC PROGRAM, and it is only available to employees within CCD and not to the general at large. Said program and any certifications attained through it are for INTERNAL USE ONLY and should not be used to demonstrate or gain outside recognition or employment outside of it.

Values we believe in:


Continuous learning and development


The importance of recognizing and celebrating success


Providing open, collaborative, and fun enviroment that fosters creativity and innovativation


Building community through staff engagement, opportunities for humor and play, and a healthy work-life balance

We grow
at every step

At CCD we support personal and professional growth through internal coaching and free courses at CCD University. Our continuous expansion and stability have made us one of the fastest-growing companies in the Dominican Republic! That's why we've taken advantage of this rapid expansion to turn it into managerial opportunities at all levels of CCD. 

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By being an active CCD employee, you are automatically able to register for any of the available courses.

By clicking on Register Now when courses are available.

The courses will be delivered during off shift schedules, you are welcome to register for as many courses as you would like.

Absolutely. Please provide us with your feedback and ideas by sending an email to

The course duration will vary based on the content and level of specialization however, the approximate course duration will be between 1 to 6 hours.

When applying for a vacancy you will be evaluated on the skills and requirements for the position you are applying for. Therefore, having completed QA, Supervisor and overall Leadership roles courses will grant you the necessary basic knowledge to get you started.