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10 power phrases to use (+5 to avoid) for customer service agents - free download-

Providing exceptional customer service, It's not just about resolving issues; it's about leaving a lasting positive impression. Customer service agents are the front line in this endeavor; their words can make a difference. 

This article will explore ten power phrases that customer service agents should always use when interacting with customers and five to avoid at all costs. Let's dive in!

Key phrases to use as a customer service agent

1. "I Can Help You with That!”

This simple phrase exudes confidence and willingness to assist. It assures customers that their concerns are valid and that you are there to provide solutions.

2. "I Understand How You Feel."

Empathy is critical in customer service. Acknowledging a customer's emotions shows that you genuinely care about their experience.

3. "Let Me Take Care of That for You."

Customers appreciate when you take responsibility for their issues. This phrase assures them that you are committed to resolving the problem promptly.

4. "Here's What I Can Do for You."

Offering solutions instead of stating limitations is empowering. Customers want to know what can be done, not what can't.

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5. "To Clarify, You're Saying…"

Repeating the customer's concern in your own words confirms that you've understood them correctly. It avoids misunderstandings and demonstrates active listening.

6. "Rest Assured, We'll Get to the Bottom of This."

When faced with complex issues, assuring the customer that their problem will be investigated instills confidence in your service.

7. "Thank You for Choosing Us."

Acknowledging a customer's choice to do business with your company creates a sense of appreciation. It fosters loyalty.

8. "Your Feedback Is Invaluable."

Encouraging feedback shows that you are open to improvement. It also lets customers know that their opinions matter.

9. "I'll Follow Up with You."

Setting expectations for future communication assures customers that their case is not forgotten. It builds trust.

10. "We Value Your Time."

Respecting a customer's time is crucial. It implies efficiency and professionalism.

Phrases to Avoid

While positive language is essential, there are phrases that customer service agents should steer clear of:

1. "It's Not My Job."

Passing the buck is a surefire way to frustrate customers. Instead, take ownership of their concerns.

2. "I Don't Know."

While it's acceptable not to have all the answers, saying, "I'll find out for you" is more reassuring.

3. "Calm Down."

Telling an upset customer to calm down can escalate the situation. Use empathetic language instead.

4. "You're Wrong."

Challenging a customer's viewpoint is counterproductive. Instead, offer alternative solutions or explanations.

5. "I'm Busy."

Even if you are occupied, never make a customer feel like a burden. Politely ask them to hold or call back.

Can these power phrases be used in any industry?

Although these power phrases are versatile, their effectiveness relies on their adaptability to the industry they serve. While the core principles of empathy and understanding remain consistent, the choice of words, tone, and approach should align with the unique niche demands.  

To customize power phrases for any industry, you should consider the following:

  • Research: Understand the industry's unique challenges and customer expectations.
  • Use Industry Jargon: Incorporate industry-specific terms when appropriate to demonstrate expertise.
  • Adapt Tone: Adjust the tone of your power phrases to match the industry's culture, whether formal, casual, or empathetic.
  • Prioritize Customer Needs: Tailor power phrases to address customers' needs and pain points in that industry.

Let's consider our niche industry, for example. 

Empathy and understanding are paramount in healthcare scheduling and patient interactions. Power phrases for customer service agents working in healthcare might include:

  • "I understand that your health is a top priority."
  • "We'll do our best to accommodate your medical needs."
  • "Your well-being is our primary concern."

In this context, the focus is on patient care and well-being, so power phrases should reflect the healthcare center's values and priorities.

Final thoughts

Effective communication is the cornerstone of exceptional customer service. By incorporating these power phrases and avoiding the negative ones, customer service agents can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Remember, every interaction is an opportunity to make a positive impact.

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